4-H Clubs

A 4-H club is a group of five or more youngsters guided by one or more adults. A club can be any size, from a small group of kids from the same neighborhood, to a large group of youth from within the county. They can meet in any location from the leader’s home, to a church, or County building. Clubs are the foundation of 4-H.

Here is a list of our local clubs.

Club Name Description Age Ranges Meeting Location
4-H Cre8 Club is mainly sewing which includes quilting and crafts. Club makes items to donate for community service projects. 5 - 15 Lecanto - Canning Center
Citrus County 4-H Shooting Sports Club is a shooting club with a focus on teaching and competing in Skeet, Trap, Air Rifle, Rifle and Bow. 10 and older4-H state rules: Must be 10 years old. M&B Dairy, Lecanto
Crystal River Awinitas General club with a focus on archery, wildlife, livestock and community service. 5-18 Crystal River/Dunnellon Area
Eagle High General club; community service, animals, shooting sports, wildlife ecology, citizenship, sewing and fishing at present. 5 - 18 Hernando Historic School
Ease's Rough Riders General club / Livestock projects, community service and leadership. 5 - 18 Cattleman's Building
Feathered Friends General club that focuses on poultry projects and community service activities. 5 - 18 Lecanto - Canning Center
Fireheart 4-H General club with a focus on livestock and horses.   Inverness
Floral City Team Green Community Club / Horses. Fair projects, chicken, rabbit and community service. 5 - 18 Floral Park
Goat Club  Club focuses on goat related projects. 8-18 Dunnellon
Holder Wrecking Crew Community Club. 5-18 Beverly Hills Community Center
Homosassa 4-H General Community Club. 5-18 Homosassa
Hot 2 Trot Club specialty is horses. Members train weekly, meet monthly and show locally. 8 - 18 Beverly Hills
Lecanto Levi's Community club participating in a variety of projects and community activities. 5-18 Lecanto - Canning Center
Red Level 4-H Community Club with a focus on horse and livestock projects. 5-18 Red Level Horsemen's Association in Crystal River