Master Money Mentors

mmmTo assist people with their personal finances in these tough economic times, the University of Florida/IFAS Citrus County Extension office has volunteer Master Money Mentors available who can provide one-on-one financial mentoring.

This program is similar to the UF/IFAS Master Gardener program, but instead of dealing with plants, the Master Money Mentor program seeks to help families with low to moderate income who are struggling financially.

Bank of America has partnered with University of Florida Extension by giving a generous gift to support this program in 30 counties.

Master Money Mentors have received approximately 20 hours of intensive training and have been background screened. They are ready to give back to their community by working with people to help them get financially organized, create a spending and savings plan, and analyze their credit behavior and limit debt. Every situation is different and the Master Money Mentors are committed to empowering people to discover their options to improve their financial situations. There is no cost to work with a Master Money Mentor and all information provided is dealt with in a nonjudgmental and confidential manner.

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