Economic Development

Economic Development 

The County’s Economic Development Department undertakes strategies to improve the economic well-being for all who live in Citrus County. Guided by the Board of County Commission’s policy directives, the Department promotes the economic growth of the County by encouraging the types of investment that will broaden the tax base, create quality job opportunities for citizens and stimulate demand for local small business enterprises. The Department is committed to communicating a strong testimony for the County’s naturally scenic quality of life and superb business climate to prospects while strengthening our approach by collaborating with other community groups, schools, universities, colleges, and entities for workforce and economic development.

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Citrus County Step (Strategy Toward Economic Progress)

The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners’ Economic Development Department with citizen input and technical assistance from the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, worked to complete the following report forming an economic development strategic plan with target industry recommendations. An overarching purpose of the strategic planning process was to develop consensus among the community for identifying the highest priority industries (“target industries”) that the County should pursue in developing its economy. The Board of County Commissioners adopted this economic development strategic plan (STEP) on June 25, 2018. Building upon the work of the STEP plan, the Citrus County Economic Development Business Plan, was presented for BOCC and public consideration and unanimously adopted by the Board on September 11, 2018. The Business Plan outlines the activities and work plan now in place for implementing the STEP Strategic Plan to achieve a stronger local economy in Citrus County.

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