The Board of County Commissioners has been awarded various grants to benefit the community and citizens of Citrus County. These grants come from various federal, state, and private sources. In addition, grants were received from other sources, such as the State of Florida Department of Children and Families and Southwest Florida Water Management District.

The federal grants received were used to provide various services to low income residents of the county, improve the wind resistance of fire stations for protection during natural disasters, and public safety activities performed by the Sheriff’s Office. The state grants received were used for construction of water and wastewater facilities, the Emergency Operations Center, and various aviation projects. State grants were also used to provide housing services to low income residents of the county.

Some grants require match to share the cost between the federal, state, and local agencies. Match can include, but is not limited to: cash contributions, in-kind time and effort, equipment and supplies, and physical space.

Monetary or cash match includes cash spent for project-related costs under a grant agreement. Allowable cash match must include only those costs which are allowable and are in compliance with the program guidance and/or program regulations.

In-kind match is defined as contributions of the reasonable value of property or services in lieu of cash which benefit the project or program. This type of match may only be used if not restricted or prohibited by program statute, regulation or guidance and must be supported with source documentation. Only property or services that are in compliance with program guidance and/or program regulations are allowable.

The following schedule of grants and matching funds depicts the amount of funds the County contributes to the various granting agencies according to their specific grant match calculation requirements. Some grants utilize fees or private donations to achieve the required grant match. This schedule is not inclusive of all grants awarded or anticipated awarded, but only those grants which the Board of County Commissioners contributes matching funds.

The methodology for calculating the required match can vary with each funding source.

For example, the County may be awarded a grant in the amount of $100,000 requiring 20% cash match.

  • One formula to calculate the match is to multiply the grant award by the cash match percentage ($100,000 x 20% = $20,000), which results in a required match of $20,000.
  • Another formula is to divide the grant award by the percentage of grant award to determine the total amount then deduct the grant award ($100,000 / 80% = $125,000, $125,000 - $100,000 = $25,000), which results in a required match of $25,000.