Water Quality Program

performing-testsCitrus County potable water, reclaimed and effluent water is tested by a NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) certified laboratory at the frequencies dictated by Federal and State Monitoring Regulations.

Citrus County Utility's plant operators are FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) licensed and monitor the County's water and wastewater facilities on a daily basis. These operators routinely test a series of operational indicators to ensure compliance with the FDEP permit regulations.

man-testingWater treatment plants operators test free chlorine on the distribution system across the County to ensure the appropriate dosage is used. In an average month, Citrus County Water Operators collect approximately 100 samples to be tested for total coliforms that serve as indicators for water disinfection. Link to the Drinking Water FDEP data base to obtain results from your area: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/water/drinkingwater/download.htm

Wastewater Treatment Facilities Operators monitor effluent by testing chlorine, pH, turbidity and nitrates to verify that the facility is working within the standards set by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. In addition, the Utility Division tests 32 ground monitoring wells around the County to ensure that the effluent from the County’s wastewater treatment facilities is not adversely impacting our groundwater resources.