Administrative Regulation 11.04

SUBJECT: Drainage Improvements ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Department of Public Works


The following is intended to express the Policy of the Board of County Commissioners with respect to the prioritizing of Drainage Improvements.


  1. Each flooding situation shall be considered as separate and distinct from any other flooding problem provided; however, that an area-wide situation shall be considered as a single problem to be solved by either total design/construction of systems or by phase design/construction. 
  2. The Division of Engineering shall be responsible for the design of the system to be used to alleviate any particular flooding situation. Construction of the system may be by County Forces or Contract, dependent on the magnitude of work involved.
  3. The Division of Engineering shall initially generate a list of known flooding situations. The list shall include a preliminary design and cost estimate to alleviate the flooding. The list shall be prioritized by the County Engineer and the Director of Public Works. The prioritization shall be based on the severity of the problem, number of 
    people/structures affected, and the cost to correct the situation.
  4. Projects that are routine parts of Road Maintenance (grading and shaping of roads, ditch cleaning and similar work) are exempt from these requirements.
  5. The list of projects shall be added to as the design for each is complete or as other drainage problems arise. New drainage problems shall be prioritized in the same manner as the original list and their position on the Priority List shall be approved by the Board.
  6.  Each year as a part of the budget process, the Director of Public Works shall submit a program of drainage improvements, based on the priority list, for the upcoming budget year to the Board of County Commissioners. The Board of County Commissioners shall approve, alter, re-prioritize or otherwise put that program in a form acceptable to it. Based on the Board’s approval of the list, the Engineering Division and Road Maintenance Division will include in their annual budget funds to cover the expense of the improvements.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR'S: Supersedes AR 11.04 dated February 22, 1983.