Administrative Regulation 13.25

SUBJECT: Policy and Procedure Establishing a Centralized Addressing System ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Planning and Development


It is the intent of the BOCC to formalize the County’s addressing protocols to facilitate accurate data and mapping standardization, quality assurance, and a shared centralized addressing system. Addresses are critical information for administrative, emergency response, research, mapping, GIS, routing and navigation, and many other purposes.


  1. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division will establish and maintain a Centralized Addressing System in order to provide consistent addressing services for Citrus County. The Centralized Addressing System shall comply with Ordinance 2015-___, as it may be subsequently amended.
  2. The GIS Division will assign address numbers using the following guidelines: 
    1. Address numbers will run consecutively to the north, south, east, and west from the point of beginning, which is located in the southeast corner of Section 36, Township 18, Range 18. The closest intersection to the point of beginning is W Quince Street and S Sands Cut Terrace.
    2. Parity Rule – Sequential even numbers will be assigned to one side of the thoroughfare and sequential odd numbers to the other side.
    3. Sequential Numbering – Properties or buildings will be numbered sequentially based on a Sectional Grid distance. The number may increase by 1000 numbers for each mile (5,280 feet), or 100 numbers for each 1/10th of a mile (528 feet) to leave intermediate numbers for future divisions of land.
    4. Distance Rule – Numbers are assigned according to distance along the thoroughfare, e.g., 1000 numbers per mile with 500 numbers on either side, or 2 numbers per 10.56 feet.
    5. Hundred Block Rule – When streets are laid out in a regular city grid, each block may be given a range of 100 numbers, 50 numbers per side, e.g., the 1400 block of Cherry Street. Within each block, numbers may be allocated by distance or proportionally to the length of the block. If blocks have a fixed length, e.g., 10 per mile, then this rule will work the same as the Distance Rule.
    6. Corner Lots – Lots that are located on corners shall be addressed to the road or thoroughfare that the driveway is accessed.
    7. Street Naming – Any street name considered shall not duplicate or be phonetically similar to an existing street, shall be limited in size to four syllables or less, not including one adjective clarifier, easily pronounced, spelled in English and able to fit on a standard street sign in the font utilized by the Department of Public Works. Nicknames, family names, or other similar type names or terms will generally not be considered.
    8. Street Name Changes – An existing street name shall only be considered for change if it meets one or more of the following criteria: 
      1. The name duplicates or phonetically mimics an existing street name elsewhere; 
      2. The name is deemed inappropriate or difficult to pronounce; or 
      3. The name creates confusion or uncertainty to emergency response agencies or the U.S. Postal Service.
      4. If a street name change is warranted, the process established within AR 13.05 shall be followed. 
    9. Street Name Type, Directional, and Modifier Standards – The County retains sole authority on determining a street type, and whether directional, quadrant, or modifier terms are incorporated in the formal assigned street name. 
    10. Sub-Address Rules – The County reserves the right to establish sub addresses within structures or multi-purpose developments, such as apartments, office suites, campuses, malls, RV and mobile home parks and multi-unit retail centers. Sub-addresses may also be assigned to nonstructural features, such as junction boxes, telecommunication towers, lift stations, etc., as warranted. 
  3. The GIS Division shall coordinate and consult with other agencies, such as the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, Citrus County Property Appraiser, Citrus County School Board, the City of Crystal River, the City of Inverness, the US Post Office, and any utility companies as required when assigning addresses or modifying addressing protocols. 

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: References A.R. 13.05, Street Name Changes