Administrative Regulation 16.02-1

SUBJECT: Computer Usage Policy ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Office of Systems Management


It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners to establish standards of use for Computers and Network resources to be used for County business based as outlined below and not covered in other Administrative Regulations and/or policies.


  1. Computers are tools for the conduct of County business. The specification, maintenance, and allocation of computer equipment is based on the type of work the computer needs to perform. Other than A.D.A. issues, the type of computer placed in a work area will be based on the type of work being performed. 
  2. The use of computer and network resources for personal use will be restricted as outlined in AR 16.05-02. Usage that interferes with the performance of a user’s primary duties or is excessive will lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. 
  3. Any use of County computer related resource is restricted to employees, contractors, or approved County volunteers. 
  4. Connecting personal equipment or creating peer to peer networks for internal use is strictly prohibited.
  5. Unless an exemption is approved by Systems Management, all computers must be powered off at the close of business each day. 
  6. Do not create environments that are potentially hazardous to the equipment. Do not allow fluids, magnets, or space heaters near any equipment. 
  7. Users may use tasteful photos as screensavers and may create desktop short-cuts for the user’s convenience. If during the course of maintenance these items are lost or removed, Systems is not obligated or required to restore them.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED TO AR’s:   Supersedes AR 16.12 dated December 16, 2008; AR 16.02 dated June 22, 2010.