Administrative Regulation 3.05-3

SUBJECT: County Commissioners Serving on Boards/Committees ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: BOCC


Members of the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners shall serve on boards or committees in which federal laws, federal statutes, the Florida Administrative Code, or county ordinances require a commissioner to become a member on those boards that have regional impact or those boards deemed of importance to the County. It shall be the policy of the Board of County Commissioners that a commissioner who serves as a member of the Board of Directors or  an officer of any civic association, homeowners association, or other not-for-profit organization, which receives funding  from or is regulated by the Board of County Commissioners shall disclose that service prior to any vote related to funding assistance. This policy is being instituted to provide transparency of commissioner service within private sector boards when the Board votes on an issue. 

  • Citrus, Levy, Marion Regional Workforce Development Consortium
  • Public Safety Coordinating Council (Section 26, Fla. Stat.)
  • Tourist Development Council (Resolution 86-133, CCBOCC)
  • Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board (Chapter 427, Stat.)
  • Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority
  • Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority
  • Keep Citrus Beautiful,
  • Value Adjustment Board
  • Economic Development Authority
  • Early Learning Coalition

These are examples, subject to change and should not be considered all inclusive.


The Board of County Commissioners shall appoint commissioners to represent the board on the aforementioned boards and committees. The Chairman shall schedule a slate of Board members to serve as liaisons for discussion and vote by the Board each year at the first meeting after the Board's reorganization meeting.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR'S: Supersedes AR 3.05-1 dated May 12, 1998; AR 3.05-2 dated January 26, 2010.