Administrative Regulation 3.06

SUBJECT: Ribbon Cutting Event Protocol ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: County Administrator


The Board desires to host public events recognizing the efforts of County staff, private contractors and other stakeholders which contribute to the completion of the County’s capital assets.  This Administrative Regulation establishes the protocol to be followed in planning these events.


  1. The Department Director that will oversee the operation or use of the asset after completion shall be responsible for planning, scheduling and hosting the event.  The Director may establish a subcommittee to assist in this endeavor.
  2. The Construction Manager assigned to monitor the construction shall notify the Department Director of the anticipated completion date for the project.  Any delays or complications that arise that will result in a change of the completion date will also be conveyed to the Department Director.
  3. Upon notice of the tentative completion date, the Department Director or the subcommittee shall prepare a written list of the project’s key participants.  Coordination with these parties to identify a suitable date should be initiated early to ensure their attendance.  Coordination for attendance by the County Commissioners, County Administrator and Public Information Officer is also the responsibility of the Department Director.
  4. The Master of Ceremonies shall be the County Administrator or designee. 
  5. Once a date has been selected, invitations shall be prepared and posted.  The invitation shall include the name of the event, date and time, location, and the name of the ribbon-cutter and any other distinguished guests.  All invitations should include RSVP.
  6. An event schedule shall be prepared and provided to County Administration, the Public Information Office and all participants with a prominent role in the ceremony.  A list of all parties to be recognized shall be prepared in advance of the ceremony.
  7. Invitations shall be mailed out at least two weeks before the event is scheduled.  The host Department shall track RSVPs and coordinate with support divisions to ensure there are sufficient chairs and other supporting infrastructure.  If an actual ribbon-cutting is planned, the host Department is responsible for arranging for the ceremonial scissors and ribbon.
  8. The Public Information Officer shall assist with publicizing the event through press releases, public service announcements, and other forms of media contact.  The hosting Department Director or their designee shall serve as liaison to the Public Information Officer for this purpose.