Administrative Regulation 8.04-3

SUBJECT: Professional Land Survey Services ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Public Works


  1. The County Administrator or his designee shall be responsible for supervising the awarding of all contracts for Land Survey Services. 
  2. In contracting for Land Survey Services, the County shall consider (1) Cost of Survey, (2) Time required to complete the required work, and (3) the qualifications of the submitting surveyor in accordance with the Competitive Negotiations Act.

  1. Procurement of Professional Land Survey Services shall be in accordance with this Administrative Regulation except when the estimated costs of such surveying services are below $5,000. Public announcements or advertisements shall include a general description of the services to be performed and, when necessary, the time required for the project. 
  2. For surveying services estimated to be less than $6,000, the Division of Engineering shall take written quotes based on a description of services desired. The Division shall recommend to the County Administrator the preferred selection. For those projects under $5,000, the County Administrator can make the award to the firm with the low quote unless there are mitigating circumstances that justify deviation from this process. Any projects $5,000 or above shall be approved by the Board. 
  3. Proposals, whether obtained through informal quotes or by Public Announcement, shall be prepared on standard Proposal For Surveying Services blanks and all contracts for Survey Services shall contain Standard Specifications for surveys as follows.

  1. These Specifications shall apply to all Surveys made on behalf of Citrus County by Professional Land Surveyors and/or Land Survey Companies.
  2. All Surveys must meet the Florida Minimum Technical Standards, 5J-17.050 through 17.052, Florida Administrative Code.
  3. Interior occupation must be shown on all Boundary Surveys unless property is vacant, in which case that condition shall be noted on the Survey.
  4. Cross-Sections, Profiles, Bench Levels, Topographic and all other Elevations shall be referenced to NAVD 1988, as established by NGS.
  5. Survey shall be based on the Florida State Plane Coordinate System (West Zone) NAD 1983 (NSRS 2007).
  6. Tidal boundaries must be established by performing a Mean High Water Line Survey prepared in accordance with Chapter 177, Part II, Florida Statues; and Chapter 18-5, Florida Administrative Code. Monumentation shall consist of materials that retard corrosion and are in agreement with M.T.S. The County must approve the monumentation prior to initiation of the project.
  7. Mylar reproducibles of the final survey must be furnished to the County.
  8. Seven (7) certified copies of the final survey are required.
  9. Two (2) copies of all survey notes must be furnished to the County. The notes shall be completely legible with necessary explanations of the survey made shown thereon. Bench marks and reference points shall be fully described, and any temporary Bench marks shall be referenced and described.
  10. One digital copy of the final AutoCad drawing is required, or a DXF file if another CAD program was used by the Surveyor to produce the survey drawing.
  11. An ESRI Shape file of the property boundary, as a closed polyline, without any text or annotations, based on the Florida State Plane Coordinate System (West Zone) NAD 1983 (NSRS 2007) shall be provided.
  12. A final coordinate list for all boundary corners that are identifiable with the map of survey.
  13. Certified copy of record documents to be filed with Florida DEP for GLO corners used in the survey.
  14. Copy of the property description on 8.5" X 11" size paper is required for Recording, along with a Microsoft Word file, or a plain text format if another word program was used by the Surveyor to produce the description.
  15. Standard drawing size is 24'x 36'
  16. All Survey notes and other documents required to be furnished to the County shall be submitted to the County Engineer or Surveyor employed by the County for review and acceptance by the County.
  17. Each project shall be awarded to responding Surveyors on the basis of the qualifications of the surveyors, the amount of work awarded previously and completed within time and budget, time given by the Surveyor as the proposed completion time, and cost of the survey. Failure to complete a project within the time limit specified for an individual component or the project as a whole may, at the sole discretion of the County, be considered grounds for rejection of future proposals.
Payment for services rendered shall be made within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of invoice, provided, however, that invoices are received in sufficient time to review them and schedule them for approval by the Board of County Commissioners in timely fashion. Invoices received after an established deadline shall be processed for review in the next available cycle. It is incumbent on the Surveyor to present invoices sufficiently in advance of established deadlines to ensure such invoices are placed on the upcoming agenda.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR's: Supersedes AR 8.04.02 dated June 8, 1999.