Administrative Regulation 9.19

SUBJECT: Request for Information Procedures ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Management and Budget


  1. In procuring commodities and services under this Administrative Regulation, the County shall comply fully with Section 287.057, Florida Statues and Administrative Regulation AR:
    1. 9.01 (latest revision); Purchasing Policy

  1. A Request for Information/ Source Sought, while not a procurement category, is an important tool used to increase knowledge about products or services, their availability, and capability, and is a formal method of gathering information from vendors who provide certain goods or services. The information obtained through this solicitation may be used to develop specifications or a scope of services for a future solicitation.
  2. A RFI can be issued to determine whether potential Bidders exist to provide a needed commodity or service. The Requesting Department will develop a document describing the commodity or service to be solicited for input. The requesting Department will initiate a request for information template and forward the RFI to the Purchasing Section for issuance. This invitation may not require Public Notice or consideration of price as it is for informational purposes only.
  3. Requests for information may be issued, setting forth the performance parameters of the goods and/or services, and establishing the evaluation factors to be used which set forth the terms and conditions of the goods and/or services sought including evaluation factors.
    1. Notice. Adequate notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation for a reasonable time prior to the time set of the submission of responses and by such other means as deemed appropriate by the Purchasing and Contracts Manager.
    2. Submission. Submittals must be received no later than the original or amended time and date and at the location specified for submission in the request for information.
    3. Submittal cancellation or postponement. The Purchasing and Contracts Manager may, prior to a submittal opening, elect to cancel or postpone the date and/or time for submittal opening or 
  4. Additional procedures:
    1. “Staff" means Department/Division/Office.
    2. “DMB" means Department of Management & Budget/Purchasing.
    3. Staff shall submit a Procurement Authorization Form to DMB to request the RFI process of commodities or services. The Procurement Authorization Form shall include Introductions and Instructions, Goals and Background Information, and Response Format and Content. The Form shall be signed by the Staff Directors, and the Department of Management & Budget, verifying the request.
    4. Based on the information provided by Staff, DMB shall develop a Request for Information solicitation document and submit such to Staff for their review and approval.
    5. Once the Request for Submittal has been approved by Staff, or the Board, DMB shall publicly advertise the Request for Information.
    6. DMB may conduct a pre-submittal conference with the involvement of Staff for the purpose of providing prospective vendor/contractors clarification concerning the specifications of the commodity or the scope of the services.
    7. DMB may contact any of the vendor/contractors for information or clarification concerning the submittals.
    8. Once a determination has been made, Staff shall submit a request to DMB to make an award to the selected vendor/contractor, issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) with the information gathered, or cancellation of the RFI.
  5. If Department/Division decides to issue a Solicitation for commodities or services, the procurement procedures will be conducted in accordance with Section 287.057, Florida Statutes, and Administrative Regulation AR:9.01 (Latest revision); Purchasing Policy.