VA Agencies

Local Veteran Agencies Phone Number 
Citrus County Veterans Coalition  352-586-9386
Citrus County Military Officer Association   
Citrus County Military Order of the Purple Heart   
Citrus County Veterans Foundation  352-527-5915
Honor Flight West Central Florida 727-498-6079
Mission United 352-795-5483
Cemetery Listing - (Dept. of Veterans Affairs)   
Citrus County maintained   
Department of Defense Finance & Accounting   
Department of Veteran Affairs  800-827-1000 
Department of Veteran Affairs - Florida  800-827-1000 ext. 7400 
Fact Sheets(Benefits, Health Care, Cemeteries, General)   
Life insurance   
National Archives - Records Search   
Nursing Homes - Florida State Veteran   
Service Officers - Florida Veteran   
Veteran Service Organizations   
CHAMPVA - (Civilian Health and Medical Program)   
Health Centers in Florida   
TRICARE Retiree Dental  888-838-8737 
VA Clinic in Lecanto, Fl.  352-746-8000 
Gainesville VA Hospital  800-324-8387 
Tampa VA Hospital 813-972-2000