Residential Permitting

The purpose of permitting is essentially two fold. The first is to assure that the proposed development, be it a screened-in porch or major shopping center, meets community standards. Community standards are those standards by which the majority of Citrus County's residents wish to live by. They include land use designations, densities, setbacks, and building standards. Therefore, obtaining a permit prior to construction is an acknowledgement that the development you propose to build meets community standards and is something you and your neighbors will view as an asset to Citrus County.

The fees charged for permits are utilized to cover the costs of the application review and inspections thereby reducing or replacing the use of ad valorem taxes. In some cases, fees are charged to help finance upgrading and additions of new services on a countywide bases due to growth in the community. These fees are called impact fees and are earmarked for use only in the programs for which they are collected.

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Please check to see if your application is located WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS of Crystal River or Inverness. If it is within the city limits, please direct your application to the appropriate city building department.