Land Development Division

The Land Development Division is responsible for the current planning (development review), long range planning (comprehensive planning) and growth management related activities required by the State of Florida Community Planning Act. This includes the preparation and maintenance of the County's Comprehensive Plan, which establishes goals, objections and policies to manage growth and development in Citrus County as well as the Land Development Code (LDC) which implements the Comp Plan.

The Land Development Division serves as support staff to the Planning and Development Commission. Staff actively participates in opportunities to educate the public about the role of the division and the benefits of good urban design.


Joanna Coutu, AICP


Citrus County Land Development
3600 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 140
Lecanto, FL 34461

Phone: (352) 527-5239

Office Hours: Monday - Friday | 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.