Risk Management

Citrus County's Risk Management Office, a section of the Management and Budget Department, administers the County's self-insurance program for workers' compensation, general liability, automobile liability and property claims. The Risk Manager also serves as the County's Safety Officer.

The Risk Management Office reviews all contracts, event applications, vendors and leases to ensure compliance with strict requirements in order to protect taxpayers from unnecessary litigation expenses.

Mission Statement

Citrus County Risk's mission, first and foremost, is to protect our County's most valuable asset: its employees. From safety programs and equipment to continuous monitoring of policies and procedures, Risk Management's number one job is to make sure each employee goes home safely after every shift.

Risk Management also is committed to seeking reductions in cost whenever possible. Lawsuit negotiations, third party claims and selective vendor selection ensure that taxpayers' hard-earned tax dollars are frugally spent.

Last but not least, Risk Management works hard to make sure County-owned properties are safe for residents and visitors alike to enjoy its libraries, parks and facilities.


Mary Glancy

Citrus County Risk Management
3600 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 180
Lecanto, Fl. 34461
Phone: (352)-527-5363
FAX: (352)-527-5372
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday | 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.