Utility Regulation

The Office of Utility Regulation is responsible for the regulation of 13 systems belonging to 6 private for-profit owners of water and wastewater treatment facilities in the County. It was established in 1999 to return jurisdiction from the State Public Service Commission to the County. This function is funded by assessment fees as a percent of the gross income of the regulated utilities. These funds can be used only for regulation of these utilities.

Customers of these systems who have a problem should first call the emergency numbers listed on their billing statements. If the problem is not addressed promptly or if it is a recurring problem that does not appear to be adequately addressed, you should contact this Office.

The Office of Utility Regulation consists of a five-member volunteer board. The Citrus County Water and Wastewater Authority (the "Authority") is empowered to take final action in almost all areas of regulation of these utilities. In addition, there is staff to manage the daily interface with both customers and utilities as well as undertaking such actions as rate investigations, compliance with legal filing requirements, and resolutions of conflicts.

The primary objective of the Office of Utility Regulation is assuring that customers are provided safe, reliable, and quality service from these utilities. Assuring that the utilities are allowed the opportunity to earn an adequate rate of return on their prudent investments. Assuring a long-term environmentally secure future by complying with the plans and rules of such agencies as the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the State Department of Environmental Protection


Cecilia Boehm
Executive Assistant II


Citrus County Office of Utility Regulation
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