Citrus County Animal Services Volunteers Share a Taste of the Holiday with Shelter Pets

CCFAP volunteers Betsy Sovereign, Rory Wells, Lori Willette, Cathy Shelton, and 
Kathleen Esche prepare Thanksgiving meals for shelter pups.

The dogs at the Citrus County Animal Shelter (CCAS) will be treated to a taste of the holiday 
spirit this week. Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP) board members and 
volunteers will join to provide a delicious meal of turkey and vegetables to the shelter dogs on 
Thursday, November 25, 2021. They plan to meet with other shelter volunteers at CCAS to make sure 
that every dog gets to have fun, exercise, and a traditional Thanksgiving dish.
“CCFAP board members started this practice last year and have decided to continue with the 
tradition,” said Wanda Moak, president of the CCFAP. “The volunteers coming in on Thanksgiving 
morning will conduct a large ‘pack walk’ to make sure that the dogs get well exercised and have 
their social needs met before they settle in for a nice dinner.”
Volunteers have provided roasted turkeys (breast meat only -- no risk of bones), diced baked 
potatoes, mixed vegetables, and turkey broth, which were frozen into silicone freezer molds. All in 
all, 80 meals were prepared. On Thanksgiving morning, after the dogs have been walked and are back 
in their kennels, volunteers will deliver their meals so that they can enjoy a taste of the 
holiday. They also plan to bring some turkey-flavored treats for the shelter’s feline friends.
“We are so grateful for CCFAP and our volunteers who always go above and beyond for all the pets in 
our care. Animals housed at CCAS are provided with enrichment daily; however, this is extra special 
enrichment for those who are not in a home for the holidays,” said Colleen Yarbrough, Director of 
Animal Services.
While volunteers will be at the shelter, CCAS will be closed to the public on Thursday, November 
25, 2021, and Friday, November 26, 2021. Normal hours of operation will resume Saturday, November 
27, 2021.
A special thanks goes out to all the volunteers, fosters, and community partners like CCFAP who 
support CCAS throughout the year. If you have any questions about CCAS, please call (352) 746-8400.